ECG Machine- 12 Channel

Model: ECG1200B

Make: Fazzini Srl,

Countyr of Origin :  Italy 


Technical Specification


  • Mains Supply: 220 to 240VAC, 50Hz

  • Battery : Built-in 12 V lead-acid battery (rechargeable)

  • Power Consumption: Internal Printing: 28VA max

  • Leads: Standard /Cabrera

  • Paper speed: 5/10/25/50mm/s (direct)

  • Sensitivity: 5/10/20mm/mV.either automatically adjusted or manually selected

  • Chart Paper: Thermoreactive –z-folded, 210mm wide, perforation 280mm

  • External Printer: Interface for optional desktop or laser printer according to manufacturers recommendation

  • Recording Tracks: 6 channels, positioned at optimal width on 200mm, automatic baseline adjustment

  • Automatic Lead Programs: Printout of all 12 leads

  • ECG Storage: Circular input memory for 10s, 12-lead ECG.

  • Record Storage: Memory for approximately 45 ECG recordings/Spirometry exams

  • Sampling frequency: 1000Hz