Holter Monitor with Digital Holter Recorder

Make:  Galix Biomedical Instrumentation, Inc.;

Country of Origin: USA 


  • Instant views of cardiac events, arrhythmias, ST levels, R-R variability

  • ECG data should be scanned, analyzed and formatted in to complete & comprehensive full disclosure report in single or multi-channel format

  • Choice of particular report for printing

  • Detail patient report should be automatically printed

  • Storage of entire result for later recall

  • Digital Flash Card system recorders

  • Analyzed parameters: Isolated Premature Ventricular Contractions (Ves), Couplets (VL pairs), Three or more premature Ves (Vtach), Isolated premature Supraventrieular Beats (SVEs), Coupled SVEs (SVE pairs), Premature Supraventrieular Runs (SVTach), Asystole (Pause), ST Level, Mean Heart Rate, Maximum Average Heart Rate, Minimum Average Heart Rate, Hourly and total QRS, R-R Variability & R on T



  • Data acquisition: + 5mV

  • Computer requirement of Holter system

  • IBM compatible CPU

  • Pentium IV, 720MHz or Latest Version

  • RAM ≥128MB

  • HD space ≥50GB

  • Video RAM ≥16MB

  • 19" Color monitor, Key board and Mouse


Digital Holter Recorder:

  • Channel: 3/4

  • Resolution: 8/10 bit

  • Recording: Full disclosure

  • Recording time: 24 Hours

  • Storage medium: Removable PCMCIA Hash memory card

  • Data access: PCMCIA Interface

  • Sampling rate: Approx 128 samples/sec with least variation

  • Full scale signal input: ± 5 mV

  • Battery: disposable, AA, 1.5 Volt

  • Recording Bandwidth: 0-50 Hz

  • I/O Connector standard: Standard PCMCIA


Power: 220VAC, 50Hz with appropriate UPS at 30 min back up alter Mains failure