Stress Testing (ETT Machine), 12 Channel ECG

Model: ECG-PS & CRGO – PS

Make:  Galix Biomedical Instrumentation, Inc 

Country of Orgin: USA  


ECG machine with recorder:


  • 12 channel resting ECG and exercise ECG

  • Built in thermal printer for print in A4 paper

  • Battery back up for ECG unit up to minimum 3 hours after mains failure

  • Pacemaker detection

  • Preprogrammed or user defined protocols

  • Memory software for minimum 25 recordings

  • Amplification: 5,10,20 mm/mV

  • Recorder: Z-fold paper, A4 size, 12 channel printout


With hardware, software and standard accessories as below- Hardware


  • alphanumeric keyboard

  • high resolution 12" color flat LCD screen

  • Communication module: RS-232, RJ Ethernet, SD slot, USB

  • Data in/output with QRS trigger

  • Ergometer and treadmill interface

  • mains cable and operating manual


Software Resting ECG software


  • Resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads for

  • ECG measurement

  • average complexes and maker

  • result table and interpretation statement for children and adults


  Exercise ECG software


  • Preprogrammed of user defined protocols arrhythmia detection and review

  • Periodic printouts, user defined interval

  • ST measurement and analysis

  • ST trends, HR alarms

  • Real time average complexes re-analyze possibility of complete exercise test with


Standard accessories for exercise ECG


  • 10 lead patient cable 3.5m clip with detachable leads

  • disposable exercise ECG electrodes (set of 25 el.)

  • 1 pack of recording paper

  • Ergo belt




  • Treadmill, platform type with two hand rails on both side and front handrail controllable by ECG and suitable for cardiology, stress Testing

  • Automatic track centering - without isolation transformer

  • emergency stop-switch (can be moved for best positioning)

  • Adjustable speed: from 0-20 km/hr

  • Acceleration: up to 7 levels, Both programmable & manual

  • Elevation: 0 - 24% in 0.1%