Lipo Suction System

Model: DP-30

Make: Nouvag AG

Country of Origin: Switzerland 


  • Integrated Infiltration Pump

  • High performance Power Cannula with stroke frequency from 3’300 to 5000/min

  • Clearly arranged display with all information at a glance

  • Powerful Infiltration pump up to 450ml/min – tissue protecting

  • lightweight and ergonomically handle for Power Cannula

  • Safety first – Integrated Infiltration Pump to prevent damages or manipulation on pump

  • Fast and easy suction of the fat with fast forward/backward movements up to 5’000 strokes /min

  • Low vibration and lightweight handles for tiring free operating

  • Ergonomically Handle with High grade material

  • Enlarged suction channel for optimal extraction of the fat

  • For maintenance of your top-quality NOUVAG precision instruments

  • Environmentally friendly - without CFCs

  • Reusable nozzles; easy change-over to full spray can

  • Nozzle for contra angle

  • Nozzle for micro motor 21ESS

  • Maintain all relevant standards and directives

  • Made out of high quality Medical stainless steel fully autoclave able and washable

  • Foot pedal (IPX8)

  • Infiltration Handle

  • NaCl solution

  • Tubing set

  • Irrigation pump

  • Control panel

  • Power Cannula with ergonomic handle