Model: WD-8, WD-8SC, WD-10, WD-10SC, WD-15, WD-15SC)

Make: Prohs-Equpamento Hospotalar e sernicos Accoricos, S.A

Country of Origin: Portugal 


  • Chamber  manufactured  in stainless   steel   AISI  316L and frame built in stainless steel AISI 304.

  • Doors are made using 2 panes of tempered glass, allowing visibility to the inside the chamber (LED light in chamber optionally)

  • The unit is available as a single door or as a double door (passthrough).

  • Controlled by a programmable  microprocessor, allowing a fully automatic  operation.

  • Includes 20 programs, 10 are standard  and the remaining 10 are customizable upon request of the customer.

  • Touch panel with color graphic screen, displays all parameters of the cycle and all alarm messages.

  • The printer is located  on the  “clean side” where trays are unloaded at the end of a program.

  • Very accurate  dosing pumps, controlled  by flow meters and sensors.

  • Installed with integrated water softener.

  • Multiple external connections such as, USB slave Interface for PC, USB host for flash drive and RS232 connection to external cycles documentation.

  • Drying fan flow rate with HEPA filter H14.

  • All instruments  are perfectly dried in and out at the end of the cycle. Drying time and temperature are also adjustable from the front control panel.

  • Speed-cycle (SC) option reduces  the cycle duration up to 50% using an extra tank and boiler to preheat water and speed-up  the  program  phases.

  • Built-in condenser  to  eliminate  the  exceeding steam coming out from the washing chamber with drain.

  • Condenser ESS (Energy Saving System). Using the heat of the condenser in order to simplify the air warming during the drying and the water warming during the loading.


External Connections


  • Power Supply: 400/220 V ~ 3 ph – 50/60 Hz

  • Water (Cold / Hot / Demineralized): 1 / 2”

  • Sewer ø: 40 mm temperature resistant material