Radio Frequency (Cold) Electro Surgical Unit

Radio Frequency (Cold) Electro Surgical Unit

Model: radioSURG® 2200

Make: Meyer-Haake GmbH Medical Innovations

Country of Origin: Germany


Frequency: 2.2 MHz - 3 different wave forms - filtered, fully rectified and partially rectified - 3 output channels: Mono Cut / Mono Coag / Bipolar Coag - Mono Cut output power: 100 Watts - Mono Coag and Bipolar Coag output power: 90 Watts (which most of the other units on the market can not achieve) - Adjustable coagulation degree from 1 - 9 - Coagulation duration adjustable from 0.05 - 0.45 seconds or permanent - Almost no bleeding because of an adjustable minimum coagulation degree - Activation of the functions Mono Cut and Mono Coag alternatively through hand piece or foot pedal without conversion at the unit. - Switching of channels without touching the device. Hand pieces, cables, neutral electrode and electrodes autoclavable. Large assortment of electrodes - most of the colored shafts are bendable. Case and foil console are clearly arranged, hygienically designed, easy to use, to clean and to disinfect. Can also be used in connection with endoscopes.