ENT Cutting & drilling Machine

ENT Cutting & drilling Machine

Model:  HighSurg11


Otologic ENT drill-high speed motor system- control unit integrated irrigation, Rotation direction reversal, Speed ranges up to 50,000 rpm, Designed for bone shaping, particularly in the following areas-Ear surgery and Oto neurological surgery, Motor speed selection, Direction of rotation, on Irrigation options and peristaltic pump delivery rates functions will be available on the pedal& Display. Micro motor delivers speed of 50,000 rpm, Autoclavable Removable connection cable to connect control unit with motor (1pc). Hand pieces with 3m extension lengths, internal irrigation inside the instrument. Angled Hand piece: 7 cm, for use with straight shaft burrs 50,000 rpm- quantity= 1 pc. Angled Oto Drill Hand piece quantity= 1pc Straight Hand piece: 7 cm, for use with straight shaft burrs 50,000 rpm- quantity=1pc Foot control = 1pc Sterilization tray = 1pc Sprayer = (3pc). Lubricant= (2pc). Diamond Ball Shaft Burrs, 70mmlength Diameter (0.6mm to 2.5mm) – 10 nos Diamond Ball Shaft Burrs, 95 mm length Diameter (1.4mm to 3.1mm) – 05 nos Tungsten Carbide Bar 70 mmlength Diameter (0.6mm to 1.4mm) – 05 nos Rose Burs SS 70mm length Diameter (1.4mm to 3.5mm) – 05 nos Drill Burrs for OTO Drill 5 nos different sizes