Bed Scale

Bed Scale

Model: IB400


Country of Origin: USA


Features: - Designed for fast, easy, accurate and efficient method for weighing bedridden patients - Flame retardant, antibacterial, self-deodorizing stretcher is placed under the patient and hydraulically lifted inches from the bed - The LCD Digital Indicator is easy to read and has simple controls to reduce chances of error - The indicator features auto sleep mode, auto power shut off, lock/release, automatic/manual zero, and motion detector - The Weighmobile is completely self-contained and battery powered with an adjustable weighing arm and hydraulic lift mechanism - Dual tare functions allow the operator to subtract the weight of bedding - Locking rear casters and base widening stance provide maximum safety - Ideal for use in intensive care, coronary care, geriatric care, surgical recovery and burn treatment Specifications: - Weight Capacity: 400lb - Weight Display: lbs, kg, lbs:kg, kg:lbs - Weighing Arm Height: 25.75in to 72.25in - Closed Overall Dimensions: 53in H x 50in L x 25.25in W - Stretcher: Adult Size, 6ft Long - Power: 6 Size C Alkaline Batteries Or Optional 115 VAC Adapter - Readout: 0.7in High Contrast LCD - Overload Stops: Prevents Damage To Weighing Sensors