High flow pedal suction unit

High flow pedal suction unit

Model: F-175

Make: Fazzini Srl.

Country of Origin: Italy


Pedal suction apparatus. Thanks to its small sizes, lightweight and easy operation it can be used in many different situations: no power areas, at home and other emergency occasions. Equipped with: very efficient pump for instantly vacuum, autoclavable 1 liter jar ref. 05.0001, autoclavable silicone tube set, certified hydrophobic/ antibacterial filter ref. 05.0016, Ø 63mm vacuum gauge. Features: single-way valve not producing positive pressure, safe and reliable. Metallic plate, safe and suitable for transportation and use.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight : 4 Kg Suction power: ≥70 l/min Max vacuum : 0,90 bar