High Vacuum Suction Pump

High Vacuum Suction Pump

Model: F-100

Make: Fazzini Srl.

Country of Origin: Italy


Mobile suction machine for professional use, with powerful double piston motorABS anti-shock case. Four antistatic castors, two of which with brakes. Vacuum gauge for the control of vacuum. Vacuum regulation. Two jars, 2 lt. capacity made of Makrolon autoclavable. Each jar with double security valve. Indipendent use of each jar. Supplied with disposable filter and set of tubes. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Motor : Maintenance-free Oil free piston pump Weight : 18 kg Power supply : 230V/50-60Hz (1,170A) Power consumption: 270 W Suction power: 90 l/min Max vacuum : maximum 0,90 bar - 675 mmHg / -90 kPa Operating cycle : 60min ON / 30 min OFF Noisiness: 57,2 dB