ICE Cube or Falker Makes

ICE Cube or Falker Makes

Make: Angelantoni Life Science

Country of Origin: Italy  


Available in the following version: automatic ice cubers (CA models); automatic ice flakers (FB models); CA models are available in the following capacities: CA24 CA30 CA45 CA60 CA80 Flakes ice mackers (modelli FB) are available in the following versions: FB80 FB140 FB230 Cooling system with hermetic compressor, air condensation (upon request with water condensation). The ice cuber evaporator is moulded in non toxic plastic and its cells are made of thinplated copper to guarantee maximum hygiene. The ice flaker evaporator is made of copper tube closed in a proper and insulated cylinder complete with auger, stainless steel ball bearings, graphite ceramic seal and nose for ice breaking. Brass spray ramp with brass tin plated nozzles to avoid magnetization of lime in the water, screwed together with a conic thread, they can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The ice makers are complete with special water pumps for water circulation, suitable for continous running made of graphite ceramic with stainless steel ball bearings.