Autopsy tables EG Series

Autopsy tables EG Series


Make: Angelantoni life science srl

Country of Origin: Italy


A wide range of products, related to pathology and forensic medicine, which includes prefabricated mortuary rooms of various capacities and temperature and supplementary articles, in particular trolleys for the transport of corpses and autopsy tables in different executions. Stainless steel 18/10 structure. Rounded corners for easy cleaning and disinfection. Grille Perforated support for the plan. Movable shower fixed to the central basement to supply warm and cold water to the working surface. Table washing system by means of nozzles mounted on the circumference of the table top, manually controlled (not for EG 104). Smoke evacuation system and the air exchange table made with centrifugal motor with control on the control panel of the table (except EG 104) Single phase power outlet. EG 101 RAISABLE AND REVOLVING Floor height with a maximum stroke of 180 mm. Rotation capacity of 90 ° in both directions, for a total of 180 °. The elevation and rotation of the plane are regulated by a hydraulic power plant built in the center column, with of electric motor current with a 24 V supply which provides a low noise level. Electric control of the movement (at 24 V for safety operator) by manipulating four directions (up / down / left / right), place on the front, at a location easy maneuver. EG 102 RAISABLE Floor height with a maximum stroke of 180 mm. The movement of the floor, only in elevation or descent, is regulated by a control unit hydraulics with the same characteristics as the previous model. EG 103 FIXED Plan fixed at 850 mm height. EG 104 SIMPLE Flatbed with 2600 × 750 mm × 850 h, full bath 500 × 350 × 200 mm; bath and floor drains connected to one central collector, the base consists of sturdy stainless steel support frame and four support feet. ACCESSORIES Complete set of carts for transporting corpses.