Make: TEKNO-MEDICAL Optik-Chirurgie GmbH

Country of Origin: Germany


Features:- Laparoscopy system with instrumentation for general surgery:- Pneumoperitoneum Needle with spring loaded blunt stylet LUER-lock, length 12cm. ( Tk 704-082) • Trocar with pyramidal tip size, 11mm Cannula with and multifunctional valve and insufflations , stop-cock ,length 10.1cm (Tk 704-375) • Trocar with pyramidal tip size 5.5mm with Cannula and multifunctional valve and insufflations stop-cock ,length 9.5cm- Reducer 1 l/5.5mm. (Tk 704-370 & 704-235) • Reduction Sleeve, reusable, instrument diameter 5mm, trocar cannula O.D.5.5 mm/O.D. 11 mm. (Tk 704-000) • Straight forward Telescope 0°, enlarged view, diameter 10 mm, length 31mm, autoclave able. Fiber Optic light transmission should be incorporated. (Tk 700-020) • Reddick-Olsen dissecting and grasping forceps, insulated, size 5mm, length 33 cm and with double action jaws. (Tk 775-4095 CS) • KELLY dissecting and grasping forceps, insulated, size 5mm, length 33 cm and with double action jaws and forceps insert. (Tk 775-4094CS) • Dissecting and Grasping Forceps, 2x4 teeth insulated , with ratchet size 5mm length 33 mm and with double actions jaws. (Tk 775-4065 CS) • Reddick-Olsen dissecting and grasping forceps, heavy, insulated, size 5mm, length 33 cm and with double action jaws and ratchet. (Tk 775-4081 CS) • METZENBAUM scissors, rotating, with connector for uni-polar coagulation 5mm, length , 33cm,blades curved, double action jaws, length of blades 12 mm. (Tk 775-4023 C) • Hook Scissors, rotating, size 5mm, length 33cm,single action jaws (Tk 775-4020C) • Coagulating and Dissecting Electrode, L-shaped, with connector pin for uni-polar coagulation size 5mm, length 33 cm. (Tk 706-156) • Applier for ligating clips (medium large) dismantling, rotating with ratchet to lock the jaw part holding the clip. (out Sourcing) • Pilling-Titanium-Clips, medium-large, sterile box with 16 cartridges, 10 clips each (out Sourcing) • Electronic C02 Endoflator, C02 bottle empty, (Tk 754-1512) • High Frequency Surgery Unit, power supply: (Tk 90011-02 & 90010-50) 220 V, ±10% , 50 Hz. • C02/ N20 gas filter for use with Electronic Endo flator(Out Sourcing) A Mains Cord Adaptor, bipolar HF- output, 4 mm (Tk 707-332) HSMP Armenia Equipment & Furniture Component HPIU: HH equipment specificationsf Connecting Cord, for connecting the neutral electrodes (including Neutral electrode plate) Neutral-Electrode made of conductive silicone, withl rubber strap for fastening contact face, surface area approx. 120x250mm. (Tk 90029-00 & 90029-50) Two-Pedal Footswitch, for control of coagulation. (Tk 90016-00) Monopolar High Frequency Cord with 5 mm plug for HF-unit, length 300cm (Tk 707-520) Suction Machine with Bottle, 1.5L.Bacterial filter (out Sourcing) Cold Light Xenon Fountain: 180 W power supply: 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz (tk.754-XM180), Fiber Optic Light Cable, size: 4.8 mm, length 180 cm (tk. 39533-18) Endoscopic video system:- (tk.754-2130R & 754-3900-25) Color system PAL , Sensor: 1x1/3” High Sensivity CCD Pixel: 752x582 (PAL) Resolution: > 470 lines Sensitivity : 1 lux Cover for use with endoscopic video cameras, size approx 17 x 242 cm, rolled up. (out Sourcing) Color Monitor, color system PAL, NTSC (Out sourcing locally Supplied) Power supply: 220- 240 VAC, 50 Hz. Mobile cart for video system: 4 antistatic dual wheels, 2 equipped with locking brakes, 2 fixes shelves, 1 drawer unit with lock, 1 set (Out sourcing locally Supplied) of non-sliding stands for units, inclusive integrated small cable conduit in both vertical boom, 1 camera mount. Power Box socket board with 12 plugs, 12 grounding plugs Approximate Dimensions: cart: approx 700mm x 1280mm x 686mm (wxhxd) Shelf 630mm x 480mm (wxd) caster diameter: 125 mm (Out sourcing locally Supplied) Standard Accessories should be provided with two spare Xenon bulbs. (tk 754-R180)