Mobile X-ray 80,150,300 & 425mA

Mobile X-ray 80,150,300 & 425mA


Model: CORSIX R 32


Country of Origin: Franch  & Italy



Features & Facilities: Mobile radiography unit and easy transport for use in the general purpose, intensive care, children, accident and x-ray wards. Features must be as below with the system. Microprocessor Control High Frequency x-ray Generator . Display of Preset kV and mAs Pre-programmed up to 240  anatomical techniques (APR) Touch Screen LCD console. Manual Driven Light Beam collimator. X-ray Arm Rotation +-90˚ facilities. X-ray collimator Rotation +-180˚ facilities Should have safety facilities for Filament current, Maximum exposure time, Maximum Temperature of X-ray tube head, Count thermal units of X-ray tube head, Anode rotation, Microprocessor self – test.    Technical Specification: Generator: High Frequency x-ray generator. Power output: 32 KW or more Inverter Frequency: 100 KHz or more mA Rating: 20- 425 mA at 125KV or more Radiographic tube Voltage: 40kV ~ 125kV in steps or more mAs Range: 0.2 ~ 220 mAs (27 in steps) Radiographic tube Voltage: up to 130KV or more Ripple: Not more than 3% at max power. X-Ray tube: Rotating speed anode tube with double focus Small focus: 0.6mmx0.6mm (11 kW)and 1.3mmx1.3mm(32 kW) Anode Rotation: Min. 3000 rpm Tube voltage: 130kV or more. Anode heat storage capacity: 107 KHU or more Operation and Service manual should be supplied with each machine Electrical Characteristics: Power Supply: Single phase 180VAC – 260VAC, 50Hz