Baby Bottle Warmer

Baby Bottle Warmer


Make: Barkey

Temperature control the dry way because of hygiene! A hygienic necessity Dry, germ-free handling is hygienically necessary when pasteurising breast milk. The Barkey clinitherm pasteur XPT heating device is a safety dry temperature regulation device for warming and pasteurising breast milk in order to avoid CMV transmission. The breast milk is subsequently perfused or given as foodstuff using a baby bottle. The pasteurising procedure is safely guaranteed under the conditions of warming the breast milk up to + 63 degrees Celsius and keeping it at this temperature for a period of 30 minutes. This method of pasteurisation without water at consistent temperature conditions guarantees repeatable, comparable and hygienic conditions through the monitoring of the temperature in the reference sample and adherence to the duration. Cooling down to a defined temperature can be achieved simply and inexpensively through the use of a freestanding cooling block, or completely automatically using an external re-cooler. The technology used in this case requires no external water supply whatsoever. The risk of contamination as found in using hot water, for example through the transmission of germs into the bottles, screw connections, user's hands via the water, or the dissolving of labels, is avoided safely through the drive temperature control used in the Barkey breast milk pasteuriser. The devices require little space and no special installation except a mains supply.