Blood / Fluid warming carrier

Blood / Fluid warming carrier


Model:  S-line

Make:  Barkey GmbH & Co. KG

Country of Orgin: Germany

Controlled warmth for patients and infusions

Integrated transport handle

Language choice

Clear display with easy-to-follow messages

Display of the connected warming devices individual per channel

Permanent display of the pre-set and actual temperature values of the connected warming devices

User safety through preset maximum values of the warming devices

Combined stand and standard rail mounting

Integrated self-test

Optical and acoustic alarm signal in case of fault



Weight   :  approx. 3,7 kg

Set temperature:  38.5ºC at system starts, adjustable upto max. 41ºC dependent on the connected warming device

Mains supply                        :   230 Volt, 50 Hz

Power consumption            :  200 Watt