Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood Bank Refrigerator


Make: Angelantoni life science srl

Country of Origin: Italy



• Construction - Zinc plated steel self bearing body. - Service door, in special anodized aluminum profile with triple glass sealed under vacuum and anti-condensate electric heaters. - Automatic block system when the door is open more than 90° C. - Assembled on spheres for easy moving and front adjustable feet. - Port hole with a rubber stopper. - Internal chamber: Made of stainless steel AISI 304; rounded corners for easy cleaning. , Insulation Thickness: 75 mm and Low energy consumption cabinets. • Cooling System - Special execution to operate at an ambient temperature up to 40 ° C, - Very silent hermetic compressor in the upper part of the cabinet - Air-cooled condenser - Copper tube - Complete with electric fan with horizontal airflow. • Indoor Air Handling - By internal evaporator with forced ventilation, anchored to the ceiling inside of the cabinet. - The evaporator should be made in copper tube and the water collection basin in aluminum with stainless steel cover. - Ventilation should be provided by two electric motors (protection class IP44). - Electrical defrost resistance inserted in the pack evaporator allowing a fast defrosting . - Control probe (IP68 protection:) to the temperature inside the evaporator and the departure of the fans. • Blood Bag Storage Shelves: - Minimum 8 Nos. sliding and extractable drawer like shelves. - The drawer like shelves should be complete with stainless steel sliding guides and plastic wheels. - The front part of the drawers should be made with a PVC face plate for inner visibility - Inner light: Fluorescent lamp encased in a left side wall of the structure with automatic switch at door opening or by button on the control panel. • Temperature chart recorder: Circular weekly chart with battery. Scale: from +30 ° C to -30 ° C. • Regulation And Control System - Consists of a control panel, positioned on the upper part of the front side (above the respective compartment) - Realized through the new electronic system microprocessor - Divided into two sections independent from each other respectively for i) Temperature control and regulation. ii) Management of the alarm system. - Electronic system should be interfaced through a membrane keypad and digital display complete with on / off switch and line fuses. - The control panel should be complete with the following functions and / or alerts:  ON / OFF room, with indicator light.  ON / OFF interior lighting, with indicator light.  Control for manual defrost and signaling for automatic defrost.  Commands for setting the temperature.  Control for ON / OFF electric alarm system with indicator light.  Commands for setting the alarm system.  Command for silencing of audible and visual alarms (Buzzer).  Command to TEST the alarm system.  LED ON during cooling (compressor running).  LED indicator for network.  LED for minimum and maximum temperature alarms.  LED general alarm condition.  LED indicator for battery OFF.  LED for blackout.  Bright digital display for temperature / alarm set (decimal value).  Backlit display for digital indication of set temperature.  Coded alerts for probes failure. • Alarm System: - Electronic alarm system, audible and visual, independent from command and control system, for: - Power failures. - Backup battery inefficiencies. - Alarm memory (once the normal operation of the equipment is restored). - Minimum and maximum temperature. - Output for connection to remote alarm (dry contact with a maximum current of 2 A / 250 V); • No. 3 contacts: common, normally open and normally closed. Coded alarms for sensor failure. • The values of maximum and minimum alarm should be set from the control panel. • Should operate independently with its own automatically rechargeable 12 volt battery. • Upgradeable to connect Blood management system Specifications: • Capacity: min. 350 bags (of 450 ml). • Top Shelf working height : 1850 mm max • Operating temperature: +4 ° C • Current consumption: 5.5 A max • Heat Dissipation: 0.21 kcal / h • Noise level: about 43 db measured in front of the source at a distance of 1 meter • Power supply: 230 V + 6% -10% / 1/50 Hz Accessories: a. Kit for Chart Recorder – 1 b. Partition Screen Set for bag storage – 1 c. Compatible Voltage Stabilizer