Plasma Bath/ Thawer

Plasma Bath/ Thawer


Make: LMB Technologie GmbH

Country of Orgin: Germany


Should thaws FFP bags and warms blood, erythro- cyte concentrates (EC), cryopreserved preparations, cryopreserved stem cells (HPC) and infusion solutions. Features:


    Thaws min 4 bags at a time (in case of emergency up to 8)

    Simple and intuitive application

    High standard of hygiene due to dry

    Warming (no direct contact to water)

    Smooth surfaces and rounded edges

    Easy to clean through wipe disinfection

    2 leak detection sensors, no risk of contamination or infection

    Shortcuts for plasma, blood, HPC and user program

    Large display with plain text

    Change of water just once a year





    Electronic and mechanical over temperature alarm

    Adjustable temperature range from +37°C to +45°C

    Visual and acoustic signal after heating duration is complete or in case of error

    Visual inspection due to clear cushions and lid

    Set temperature: +37°C to max. +45°C

    Filling capacity: 9 L approx.

    Upgradeable to connect Blood Management System netwrok


Power: 230VAC, 50 Hz