Platelet Agitator with Incubator

Platelet Agitator with Incubator


Model: CLIMAX 100 B

Make: LMBTechnologie GmbH

Country of Orgin: Germany




    Could be used as stand alone devices or in combination with climatic chambers to secure a temperature of 22°C.

    Shelves 4 minimum

    Silent and reliable long time use

    The flatbed agitator should keep thrombocytes in motion.

    Upper section should move min 30mm at approx. 60 strokes at 50Hz per minute

    Every shelf should have a capacity of min 6 bags

    Built in drawer stopper prevents accidental falling out

    Stainless steel

    Each drawer operated independently from other drawers

    Upgradeable to connect Blood Management System networ


Technical data:


Capacity (bags): 24 nos. min.


Incubator Features:


 For more reliable and safe storage of thrombocytes:

    Door and Temperature alarm

    Alarm for Faulty condenser (too high condensing temperature), Faulty evaporator (too high evaporating temperature) and Faulty sensor

    Complete temperature tracking with SD card incl. download interface software (memory of all temperature and operation data for a period of about 5 years)

    Back up battery in case of power failure for the alarm system for up to 12 hours

    2 Output relays (dry contact)

    Memory of all temperature and operation data for a period of maximum 5 years

    Saves working status, open door logs and any change in parameter settings

    Digital printer for a weekly printout or other data




    The temperature controller at the highest stage, 0.1°C accuracy

    Self-monitoring on the main settings allows to identify alarms and faulty conditions immediately

    Stop-on-door, Second cooling und advanced defrosting allow an efficient managing of the defrost cycles, reducing thermal variations and consumption


 Temperature Tracking:


    Climatic chambers keep together with fitting Agitators thrombocytes in motion and at constant 22°C. The compressor should work extremely efficient to keep energy consumption at a very low level. Strong air recirculation and connected quick temperature adaption also account for the low energy consumption.

    The included temperature alarm system should work independently from the temperature controller (double temperature control).


Power: 230VAC, 50 Hz