Refrigerator & Freezer

Refrigerator & Freezer


Model: X-Cold 700/1 BT

Make: Angelantoni life science srl

Country of Orgin: Italy



TECHNICAL FEATURES: Working Temperatures: -20°C CAPACITY: about 700 liters RANGE OF TEMPERATURE: from -10°C to -23°C DIMENSIONS: External: mm. 740 x 815 x 1998 (L,P,H) Internal: mm. 590 x 675 x 1500 (L,P,H) NET WEIGHT: 160 Kg POWER SUPPLY: 208 – 252 VAC / 50 Hz /1 + G NOISE: 45 db measured approx. at 1 m distance from the source. FRAME: Fully in metallic heavy-gauge phosphate-coated steel plate, powder-painted in grey. No 1 Service door with magnetic lock, safety key lock, rubber gaskets and anti-moisture resistor on the doors. Assembled on spherical rollers for easy moving. PORTHOLE: Porthole of Ø 23 mm complete with rubber tap. THERMAL INSULATION: 75 mm average thickness of insulation. INTERNAL CHAMBER: Completely in polished stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners for easy cleaning. COOLING SYSTEM Definitely silent hermetic compressor (350 Watt), located in the high part of the chamber, air-condenser, finned copper pipe battery equipped with helical electric fan with horizontal air flow. INNER AIR TREATMENT: Forced ventilation internal evaporator lied to the inner ceiling of the chamber. The evaporator is made with finned copper pipe battery, stainless steel water collecting tray, evaporator fairing in shockproof polystyrene particularly suitable for low temperatures; the uniformity of the internal temperature is guaranteed by an electric fan motor. A defrost electrical resistance put inside the evaporator package allows a fast defrosting of the same; there is a NTC probe (Protection: IP68) for the temperature monitoring inside the evaporator that controls the defrost and the start of the fan motor. REFRIGERANT: R404A that fulfills the Montreal Convention as “environment friend’s gases” and under the London amendment too. REGULATION AND CONTROL SYSTEM: The X-Cold controller has three independent microprocessors: one for the cooling system, one for the alarms section and one for the data communication. The access to the parameters is password protected with three levels of privilege: users, service and administrator. The color display is 2.5” backlit and with a separate and colors-variable touch keys. The display may show a simplified view or a full graphic view showing in example, the temperature set point, the real temperature, the alarm levels and the temperature graph too. The central LED around the programming arrows change color upon the status of the system: GREEN = compressor OFF and internal temperature OK BLUE BLINKING = compressor on start-up phase BLUE = compressor ON and internal temperature OK RED = alarm or failure status (with programmable delay) YELLOW = pre-alarm warning (instant, without delay) Main features of the X-Cold controller Cooling system section: Temperature setting and control Cooling system ON/OFF ECOMODE to reduce the electrical consumption Automatic and programmable defrost Manual defrost Driving of internal ventilation Door’s sensor Anti-condense frame heater-guiding Heaters for the defrost system guiding Internal LED’s light ON/OFF or automatic Alarms section: Hi-Low temperature, visual and acoustic Delayed door ajar alarm Power outage or out of range Compressor failure Battery too low External free contacts for remote alarms Internal fan failure Communication and data logging section: Automatic data recording up to ten years’ time with 30 seconds intervals for all the following parameters: Date and hour, Temperatures of all installed probes, Temperature set point value, Line voltage, Power consumption in VA, Battery level, Alarms levels or warning conditions if any, Failure kind, Warning messages, Delta T between real and set Full statistics data of the compressor conditions INTERNAL LIGHT: with led lamp controlled by micro switch for automatic switch to open the door. There is a further manual switch on the control panel. SHELVES: No. 3 adjustable Rilsan steel shelves. ELECTRIC SECURITY: By two fuses. EQUIPMENT MEETS CEI 61010-1 STANDARDS.