Tube Sealer

Tube Sealer


Make: LMB Technologie GmbH

Country of Orgin: Germany




    Ergonomic design, User friendly & Reliability

    Automatic adjustment for high efficiency and small power consumption for battery operated devices and short sealing time

    Easy access for the user to insert the tubings

    Only 1-3 sec for one seal

    Low hemolysis technology

    High precision switch to activate the seal

    Small head for transparency of the sealing process

    Automatic battery SLEEP timer

    Automatic WAKE UP on start seal

    Sealing during charging

    LED indicator in sealing head

    RoHS compliant


Technical data:

RF generator

·         Nominal output power             : 50W for load res. 50 Ohm

·         Sealing frequency     : 40,68 MHz±5kHz

Clamp & Sealing handle     

·         Sealing jaws gap (opened)       : 5 ±0,2mm

·         Sealing jaws gap (closed)         : 0,07mm

·         Length of RF cable   : 168 cm

·         Housing material:     stainless steel, brass and plastic

  Power: 230VAC, 50 Hz