Model: 9000

Make:  VBM Medizintechnik GmbH

Country of Orgini:


Microprocessor controlled fast cuff in ation and de ation regulator knob allows very precise regulation limits pressure to max. 600 mmHg


Digital Display large color coded LED display is easy to read precise measuring shows actual cuff pressure


Battery Back-Up System long lasting Ni-MH battery Flush Button to check for bleeding for intermittent release of local anesthetic after I.V. Regional Anesthesia Color Coded Extension Hoses detachable from the device with positive locking connectors (PLC) Automatic Timer automatic reset and start after in ation automatic stop after de ation with indication of elapsed in ation time audible and visual signal every 30 minutes


Alarm System

visual and audible alarm to detect leaks, pressure deviations and low battery voltage Built-In Data Port supports optional printer for patient report

reports cuff pressure adjustments and total elapsed cuff in ation time on a self-adhesive label Table Unit with Carrying Handle, Stand and Basket