Infant Ventilator

Infant Ventilator


Make: Shvabe-Zurich GmbH

Country of Orgin: Swizerland


Noninvasive Nasal CPAP Infant Ventilator with humidifier for neonates is designed for respiratory therapy on newborns in CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) mode. To prevents the drop of respiratory saccules, as well as stimulates respiration of newborn infant and reduces the risk of development of chronic pulmonary diseases, Nasal cannulas of the ventilator need to provide newborn infant with continuous positive airway pressure (up to 12cm H2O. respiratory gas flow rate is up to 151/min) Features: - monitoring of the mimed gas - pole with fixture elements for the humidifier - compact sue - variable flow genera10f Specification: Pressure at the blender inlet : Oxygen: 0.35 ± 0,15 MPa (3.5 ±1.5atm) : Air: 0,35±O, 15 MPa (3,5 11,5 cum) Gas pressure at outlet : 0-12cm H20 approx Oxygen concentration in gas :21-100% Gas flow rate : 0-15l/min Blender weight. not more : 3kg Approx. Pole weight.. not more : 7Kg Approx. Pole height : 1200mm (approx.)