Radiant Baby Warmer

Radiant Baby Warmer


Model: A4051

Make: Advance Instrument Inc.

Country of Orgin: USA


Main features:- The unit is easily transportable and suitable for Special Care Baby Unit (SCABU). Integrated bassinet with tilt mechanism and transport handle. Focused heating with one touch control, of use and even irradiance across the mattress. Pre-warm mode that allows the warmer to be kept baby ready without nuisance alarms, Extremely user friendly operation. 


Mode of Operation:- Baby controlled mode & manual Heater Mode.

Temperature Range: Set temperature range from 25° to 38° in 01° steps Temperature Display: 20°C to 45°C.

 Temperature Alarm: ± 1° C from set temperature.

Heater Resolution: 0° C to 100°C from center position depends installation.

Alarm: High/Low temperature, Sensor or Power failure.

Power Supply: 220 Volts. ±10%,50 Hz.


Technical Specifications Parameter Physical Specifications


Dimension : 1119mm (W) 630mm (H) 2003mm(W)

Height Mattress Level : 4 units (5")

Wheels :  34-38°C


  Electrical Specifications


    Voltage Supply : 127V 220/240V 1 ± 5%

    Frequency : 50/60 Hz

    Input Power : 800W

    Nominal Current : 7 Ap/127V 4Ap/220/240V

    Leakage Current : <300 mA

    Rechargeable Battery : 9V

    Auxiliary Socket : Max. Potencia 150W

    Fuses : Red 127V (10A-tipo F) Red 220/240V (5A-F)


  Operational Functions :


    Skin Mode Servo-Controlled Manual: The desired temperature (adjustment point) is adjusted and system controls heating by irradiation for the skin temperature of patient is kept equal the one of the adjustment point. In such a way, the user adjusts the power level of irradiant heat (of 0 to 100%) for patient heating. The power level of irradiant heat will stay constant hot with standing the temperature of patient skin.


  Control Characteristics


    Control Unit : Microprocessor

    Display Resolution : 0.1°C

    Control Accuracy : ±0.2°C

    Adjustment : 25.0°C to 38.0°C

    Range :20.0°C to 45.0°C


  Alarms System Alarm


    Energy                                 : Irradiant heater failure

    Transportation battery level (optional) : Alarm inhibition time: 10 min.

    Sensor and Skin Alarm : High temperature +1.0°C


: Low temperature -1.0°C Sensor failure


    Alarm Pulse Oxymeter / Alarm Oxygen Monitor / Alarm Blender / Alarm Humidifier


  Gas Module       


    O2 Input-output Nipple : Thread 9/16" - 18UNF

    Air Input-output Nipple : Thread 3/4" - 16UNF


  Maximum Loads: IV Pole                                   : 2 Kg Auxiliary Shelves                 : 10 Kg Bed                                         : 7 Kg Intermediate Tray               : 7 Kg   Classification      Electric Discharge Type      : Type I Electric Sicharge Level       : Applied Part Type BF Water Penetration Level    :IPX0 Operation Mode                  : Continuous   Patient Bed          Patient Bed           : Manual, 7 positions, Trendelemburg / Anti-Trendelemburg   Standard               Standard: Radiating reflector articulated ± 90 °, auxiliary, Led light, gas panel, espirator, manual Configuration Configuration:     Repirator, bed accessory tray with two drawers, swivel, patient monitor, X-ray tray, IV Pole, two cylindersholders, wheels with brakes, fixed height Options Weight Scale System 8.4" Color Monitor Electric bed, adjustment continuous, reset function Phototherapy Bed Thermal Mattress Pulse Oximeter O2 Ergonomic support with pedals CPAP Only for Color and Microprocessed Monitor