Transport Incubator

Transport Incubator


Model: A3158

Make: Advance Instrument Inc.

Country of Orgin: USA


Features:-Microprocessor controlled Transport Incubator with double wall hood to decrease radiant heat loss and with the following:-


    Skin/Air temperature regulation along with relative humidity depending on ambient temperature and display of set value.

    Standard mattress.

    Skin Temp, range: 34° to 38° C.

    Air Temp, range : 20° to 49° C.

    Controlled oxygen administration of 21-80% through one inlet.

    Thermostatically controlled safety device.

    Complete transportation unit with oxygen Cylinder holder facility.

    All reusable probes and sensor and other necessary accessories should provided.

    Built in rechargeable battery for 04 (four) hours operation during transportation.

    Power Supply: 220VAC ±10% , 50 Hz.


Accessories: Should provide standard accessories for proper functioning with 2pcs extra Skin/Air probes.