CPM (Continuous Passive Movement) Machine with FES

CPM (Continuous Passive Movement) Machine with FES


Model: MOTOmed Viva-2 + Arm -/Upper Body Trainer

Make:RECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Country of Origin: Germany


Motor driven software controlled movement therapy system of passive and active exercise for upper and lower extremities with training moods. Future: • Spasm Control with automatic change of direction according to the therapeutic principle • Electronic leg insertion and removal aid with safety stop • Symmetry Training - simultaneous feedback about the active performance of the left and right leg • Muscle tone analysis (tone at the beginning, at the end, on average) • Training analysis - visible training data and progress • Passive and active training results are displayed separately (distance, time) • Single information can be hold on the display • Robust, stable all-metal construction, pull-out foot stand • Extra button Servo Cycling Automatically • Large transport castors • Softly padded safety foot shells with Velcro strap fixation • Handlebar provides secure hold during the training. Height and distance to the user can be adjusted without tools • Variable height adjustment of the foot shells for children and smaller persons in seating shells and wheelchairs • Facility for using in Radiant Bed • Facility for using FES system Specification: Velocity adjustment: 0-60 rpm High-contrast display: 8.0 cm x 11.0 cm Approx Stationary operating panel with 8 large, palpable buttons Pedal radius adjustment, levels: 7 cm and 12.5 cm Approx. Distance between the inner rims of the foot shells 16 cm FES Unit (Functional Electrical Stimulation Units) Electrotherapy equipment with a 6” color display with Touch Screen function. Programs on different channels, 8 channels are fully independent, you can differentiate them or use them as parallel, alternated, simultaneous, synchronized and sequential channels, in short a complete electrotherapy unit. Main features: • It trains the neuromuscular system to respond adequately during voluntary or involuntary effort, thus providing an active contraction: modulation of pain by the gate control mechanism; • It reduces spasticity by agonist, antagonist stimulation; • It delivers (transcutaneous) medicaments through the skin of the patient (ionophoresis); • It improves joint mobility through muscles stretching; • It helps wounds recovery, increasing local circulation; • It reverses edema through the muscle pump mechanism. 250 stored protocols. 200 protocols can be stored in memory and 200 can be stored on the Smart Card e 200 in Smart Card. • Standard accessories would be delivered with the unit. • Necessary high end moment therapy machine are included for neurological rehabilitation. Power supply: 220 VAC ±5%, 50Hz Note: Compatible movement therapy used for Functional electrical stimulator to as Combination of movement therapy system with Functional electrical stimulator (EFS) for active use of spinal cord injured paralyzed & stoke Patients. Quality standard: Valid CE/FDA/JIS certificate of the offered item must be submitted with the offer. Country of Origin: UK / USA / Japan / EC Accessories: Leg guides with calf shells – 1 pair Arm trainer active/passive (including supporting module) Hand Fixation with wrist calf – 2 nos.