EMG Biofeedback Therapy Unit

EMG Biofeedback Therapy Unit


Model: MYOMED 632V

Make: Enraf Nonius B.V.

Country of Orgin: Netherlands


Suitable for all kind of exercise and relaxation therapies including Pelvic-floor re-education Feature: • Min. 2 independent channel EMG-feedback with min one pressure-feedback channel • Min 3 different feed back sessions; continuously, work/rest and template • EMG or pressure signal graphically reproduced with adjustable sensibility and time scale • Continuous reproduction of the ECG or pressure value • Combined application or EMG-feedback with electrotherapy and Combined application of EMG with pressure-feedback • Analysis of the EMG and pressure measurements • Several current types with several varients Technical Specifications: • Measurement range EMG: approx. 4-10,000 μV and logarithmically • Measurement range pressure: 0-360hPa approx. • Current channels: 2, independent, fully galvanically isolated • Current types: 16 current types-36 variants • Programmable positions: min 1000 • Pre-programmed program: 60 • Number of vacuum electrode connections: 4 • Power: 220-240V AC, 50Hz Standard Accessories: • Vacuum electrode cable black, 2x • EMG Cable • Cable for electrodes • Dummy plug • Moist pads for rubber electrode 6x8cm, set of 4 • Vacuum electrode cable red, 2x • Sponges Ø65mm, set of 4 (for vacuum electrodes Ø60mm) • Rubber electrodes 6x8cm, 2mm female, 2 x 2 pc • Patient cable 2-crore & 2mm male plugs black, & purple – 1 no. each • Strap 250x3cm & 100x3cm – 1 no. each