Medical Over Head Hoist

Medical Over Head Hoist


Model: 200 Series

Make: Chiltern Invadex Ltd

Country of Orgin: UK


A variety of spreader bars to multiple choices of lifting and transferring a patient. Permanent tracks for repeated transfers, as well as a mobile gantry /Correction elements at top of the Parallel Bar use together with a portable ceiling lift Features: • Safe working load: approx 200 kg (440 lbs) • Electronic soft-start and soft-stop • Electrical up and down emergency buttons • Manual emergency lowering device (located on the motor cab) • Emergency stopping device (push button) accessible below unit • Emergency brake • Low battery indicator (audible and visual LED) • LED indicator for maintenance required • Battery capacity minimum 30 transfers of 80 kg (176 lbs.)(by UPS) • Patient. • Battery charging indicator (by UPS) • Pass through system to swing from room to room • Overload circuit protection • Strap length up to 3 m (120") • Lifting speed: approx 4.3 cm/sec. (1.7"/sec.) (Variable - as per adjustment ) • Power supply: 220 VAC ±5%, 50Hz • Accessories: • Hip belt- 1 No. • Chest belt- 1 No. • Extra Buttery- 1 No