Micro Wave Diathermy

Micro Wave Diathermy


Model: RADARMED 650 & 650


Unit for pulsed and continuous microwave therapy Features: • Microprocessor control with Solid-state generator for high performance • Well suited for the treatment of all body parts with the radiator of deep penetration depth. • Dosage & treatment time digitally displayed on LCD screen • Parameters are conveniently arranged on the illuminated display • Free memory for the storage of treatment protocols Specification: • Maximum output power: 250 Watts (continuous), Min. 1500 Watts (pulsed) ; adjustable • Frequency: 2450+50Hz • Power Line: 220-240VAC Accessories: • HF Cable – 1 set • Four-joint / Radiator arm – 1 set • Treatment chair for microwave therapy, finished in clear lacquered wood – 01 No. • Large field radiator for particularly suited for the treatment of large body parts – 01 No. (op) • Longitudinal/Round field radiator particularly suited for the treatment of extended areas of the body–1No.(op) • Local field radiator diameter for small body parts 170mm, for use with – 01 No. (op) • mVoltage stabilizer: 2kVA – 1no Local