Ultrasound Therapy Unit

Ultrasound Therapy Unit


Model: SONOPULS 490

Make: Enraf Nonius B.V.

Country of Orgin: Netherlands


Feature Personal protocols ( including) sequential application) can be saved in addition of standard treatment protocols. Hands free status applicator system -Display of the anatomic localisations and the treatment instruction -Provision for patient own treatment by using remote control -Can be used with main power supply & also by battery -Crystal clean full colure and scratch resistance screen that allows full visibility of all parameters from all viewing angles. -Touch screen user interface. -Programmed of seed contract control for effective transfer of energy. - -2 Treatment Heads Possible you can connect both the small 0.8cm2 as well as the largs 5 cm2 ultrasound treatment head in order to quickly change heads TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS


    Power supply 100 - 240 V ± 10% / 50 / 60 Hz

    Max Weight, including the optional battery 3 kg

    Ultrasound frequencies 1 & 3 MHz

    Ultrasound continuous and pulsed

    Duty cycles 5, 10, 20, 33, 50, 80%

    Pulse frequency 16 Hz, 48 Hz & 100 Hz

    Intensity 0-2 W/cm2 continuous ,0-3 W/cm2 pulsed

    Number of US connections 2

    ERA US applicator big 5 cm2

    ERA US applicator small 0,8 cm2

    Pre-programmed treatment suggestions 25 - Evidence Based

    Min Programmable positions 1000




Gel Pad (40set of 6pices) – 10Nos

Fixation Ring for get pad – (1 set of 3pices) – 01No

Mains cable – 1No.

Device base (inclination support) – 1No.

Operating manual (CD room) – 1No.

Installation guide – 1No.

Trolley Local – 1No.