Medical Treadmill

Medical Treadmill


Model: EN-MOTION Art: 1665901

Make:  Enraf Nonius B.V.

Country of Orgin: Netherlands


Specially designed treadmill for PHYSIOTHERAPY and REHABILITATION which need to be auto adjust according to patient stapes . Standard equipped with a number of specific protocols like the 6 minutes walking and the Cooper test (12 min/). The user-friendly interface gives information about speed, inclination, distance, time, heart-frequency and burned calories Features: • Low step-up (11 cm.) • progressive shock absorption • AUTOSPEED function • Coloured TFT-display • Special physio-protocols • pos.+ and neg.- inclination • max. patient weight: 235 kg. • multi-functional side bars • strong AND silent motor (also at high speed) • MDD-approved • EN-Track compatible Technical specifications: • Voltage: 230V/50-60Hz. • Minimum speed: 0,4 km/h • Maximum speed: 18 km/h • Steps: 0,1 km/h • Pos. inclination: upto 15 deg • Neg. inclination: upto -10 deg • Belt size: 150x50 cm. Accessory: • Ramp for easy access • Defibrillator • Optional Accessories • Emergency stop XL • Ramp-up platform • Set of 2 supports (must be ordered together with the EN-Motion) • Chest-belt for heartbeat registration • Elastic strap for chest belt for heartbeat registration