Photodynamic diagnostic unit

Photodynamic diagnostic unit


Model: medisun® daylight 1200

Make: Schulze & Böhm GmbH

Country of Orgin: Germany



The ideal addition for the exposure of small-to medium-sized areas all over the body Advantages medisun® daylight 1200 Compact and mobile daylight PDT- System. - Microcontroller control with dose input in J/cm². - Flexible and space saving. - Easy positioning over 3 axes. - LED lamp field with 12 high-performance-LEDs. -  Integrated 3D-fluorescence diagnosis.* - Individual adjustment of parameters (Spectrum, Dose, Intensity in Lux or mW/cm²) future-proof and flexible. - The exposure with medisun-daylight 9000 is painless. During the exposure the patient can listen to music, read or just relax. - Only 1 hour instead of 3 hours exposure time needed –time saving for patient and staff. - Therapy is year-round predictable and can always be performed in a controlled way with a homogeneous and reproducible dose. - Small to medisum sized lesions can be treated individually on the whole body. - The therapy is independent of the weather. - Only a regular 230V-plug is needed. - Low operating costs due to the latest LED technology. - Comparatively low investment costs will be amortized very quickly, usually within a few months. - You will win many satisfied patients.