Electrical Operating OT Table

Electrical Operating OT Table


Model: FE300


Electric operating table made of high quality material constructed by high precision technology. The movements of the table (Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg, chest elevation, lateral tilting) can be controlled by means of a remote control very easy to use. FE300 meets all the requirements for surgery thoracic, abdominal, gynecological and obstetrics, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology, urological, colon, rectal and orthopedic surgery. Maintenance-free rechargeable batteries with capacity for about a week use in the operating room. The base, supporting column, accessories’ fixation device and the accessories are made of stainless steel, they are easy to clean and rust-proof. The movements of the column can be adjusted by the electrical system using the remote control. The electric pillar is centrally located and is tested to prevent tipping. The shape of the base is concave to give good stability, at the same time to provide operators with maximum ergonomic comfort and efficiency during long operations. Seamless mattress in memory foam. STANDARD ACCESSORIES Anaesthesia screen 1 pc Seamless rubber mattress 1 set Shoulder support 2 pcs Arm support 2 pcs Long fixing clamp 4 pcs Body support 2 pcs Fixation clamps 2 pcs Leg support 2 pcs Head plate 1 pc TECHNICAL DATA Trendelenburg & rev. ≥30° Lateral tilt ≥20° Head rest +40°/-90° Leg plate +15°/-90° Leg plate (Ext) +90°