Modular OT Table (duel operating)

Modular OT Table (duel operating)


Model: medifa 6000

Make:  Medifa GmbH & Co  KG

Country of Orgin: Germany


Features:  Electro Hydraulic C-arm X-ray Compatible OT Table drive for the precise patient positioning and highest reliability with additional battery backup system and also be independent from any power supply.  It function as Trendelenburg height and lateral adjustment this will be available with electro mechanical function of the back-rest section, patient support and lengthwise movable segment plate.  Table can be adjusted by two separate and independent control units. One is the corded hand control and the other is the override panel located on the side of the table column for auxiliary use.  Control panel indicators: "on, off', mains supply,  Table base can be locked with hydraulic brakes.  Top level reset position key to make post-surgery table positioning to level easy, the angle sensor  Three-level square support column made of high quality stainless steel. Table is fitted with auto-lock system  Automatic off function - when table is not utilized within the first minute to prevent malfunction.  All the part should be Modular type. Leg and head plates should have common ports. So that positions of leg and head plates can be exchanged,  Reset to the starting positions by function key Ò O-Position Ó  In case of power cut, all motor functions will be set by cranks (manual override)  The antistatic and decubitus-free pads and table plates are radio translucent, Two of the conductive double-wheels are locked for a straight forward movement.  Brakes on the wheels are assure a secure standing. Made of high-grade steels and detergent resistant high-pressure laminates for an easy cleaning.  The 25 x10mm guide rails make the operating table for multiple use.  It support for C-arm, general surgery, Cardiology, kidney, thyroid, extra corporeal circulation, department of urology, department of orthopedics, department of gynecology, rectum, spine surgical operation requirements.  Head, Backrest, Kidney, Trunk and Leg 5-Section table top.  5-Section seamless molded mattress.  Supported on a heavy base column covered with stainless steel sheet. Technical Specifications: • Table Top Length: 2150 mm (approx.) Table Top Width: 550 mm approx. • Table Height Adjustment Range: 690mm-1050 mm • Table panel X-ray attenuation coefficient ≤ 0.75 mm AL Back Rest (Up/Down): 700 /400 • Head Section (UP/Down): 400/500(approx.) • Trendelenburg: 300. (approx.) • Reverse Trendelenburg: 300(approx.) • Leg Section (Detachable) UP: 250 (approx.) • Leg Section (Detachable) DOWN: 900 (approx.) • Lateral Tilt (Left/Right): 200 (approx.) • Load Capacity: 450kg • Power supply: 180-240 VAC at 50Hz Accessories: • Infusion holder Code. 61800 • Anesthesia screen Code. 61750 • Hand cuff Code. 61755 • Body and leg strap Code. 61405 • Side support Code. 61341 • Shoulder support Code. 61351 • Spinal disc pad for spinal surgery Code. 61900 • Orthopedic Extension device Code. 63000-1SF • Extension shoe for adults code. 61010 • Counter traction post for femur Code. 63025-1 • Counter traction post for fibula Code. 63045 • Arthroscopic leg holder system (Knee surgery) Code. 61328 • Back plate for Shoulder operation Code. 61390 • Tripartite back rest Code. 61385SF • Head Support Code. 61395 • Arm-hand surgical table for hand surgery Code. 61231 • Leg rest for attachment at extension device Code. 62000 • Support bars for extension device Code.62040 Operation/Service manual will be provided during product supply.