OT Light , 2 dome

OT Light , 2 dome


Model: CL700/CL700


Countyr of Orgin: Spain


Specification: Surgical Lamp, Ceiling mounted type, Dual dome surgical lamp, Main construction: cast steel and powder coated steel Reflector: Non shadow reflector type, which incorporates multidirectional reflection mirrors, which allow to illuminate areas independently and homogenically, which doesn’t generate shadow by the surgeon or assistant hands. Colour Temperature: 4,500K ± 500K, at 1,40,000Lux/lm and 4250K ± 500K at 1,60,000Lux/lm CRI: 96 (Ra) Lamp head: 70cm + 70cm, with lenses / transparent lenses polycarbonate reflector Working distance: 60~180cm Depth (distance) of light (L1+L2): 120cm Intensity: 0-140,000 Lux/lm at colour temp. 4500 K±500K Focus: 15cm~30cm by sterilizable handle light field: (depth) : 700mm Remaining intensity / EC with one mask: 23%, with two masks: 48%, with one tube: 97.5%, with one mask and one tube: 23%, with two masks and one tube: 48%, Swivel radius: 85+85=170cm, 95+85=180cm Lamp head elevation 229.5 to 110.5cm: 15°up/75°down Lamp head rotation: 360° (± 1800ie 360°) Controller: ON/OFF switch Intensity 0~100% by 1% and 10% dimmer control on copula and infrared remote controller Auto switch over to spare bulb < 0.3 sec when main bulb failure Surgeon head temperature increase < 2°C, Radiation energy: < 3mW/m2.lux Bulb specification : 24V 150W x 4pcs (1 primary and 1 backup X 2sets) Bulb life time: 1,000 hrs ±10% Online uninterrupted battery back-up for min ½ hour. Warranty : 0ne Year uninterrupted