OT Light LED

OT Light LED


Model: CL 700 LED + CL 700 LED


Countyr of Orgin: Spain


Feature: • Ceiling swinging led light lamps are roof fixing system for operation rooms. • Non shadow multi LED diode type, which incorporates multidirectional reflecting system, allow to illuminate independent areas and equal, generates shadow by the surgeon or assistant hands • Double satellites system, with hermetic technique, which reduces the contamination caused by dust in the surgery room. • Structure made of Epoxy coated steel, easy to be clean and sterilize. • Double aerodynamic satellites system which allows a perfect airflow and avoid turbulences in the operation field. Laminar flow index better then 58. • Every satellite incorporates multi LED diodes system, each diode incorporate there optical system of reflection with an optical mirror system, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the light. • LED diodes lamp with low heat emission, thanks to the low I R radiations. • Satellites incorporate a heating filter of 93% efficiency. • Incorporates a lamp protection system during start and switch off, in order to protect the life of the bulbs and optimize work of the system. • Continuous intensity regulation over LCD touch screen, with retro iluminated intensity for indication and setings of intensity, colour temperature and CRI. • Satellite position with 6 different movements, in 360º of all the assembling, 45º height regulation adjustment of the satellite in 120 cm.Turn in the axis X/Y 180º, each side. • Optimum Multidiode 2000 hour. • Detachable and sterilizable handle at >134º C in the satellite. • Optimum temperature at the surgery and sanitary personal field. • All of the electrical system is manufactured according the IEC rules. Specification of main light Unit: Consists of:- • Each LED have own its own lens • Illumination: 160,000 Lux • Color temperature: 3000k / 5000k • Temperature at surgeon head: less than 1ºC • Depth of Illumination: 1000 mm • Power: 160W • Led’s number: 120 • Field diameter: 120-350 mm • Field deep: > 1.000 mm • CRI controll: 85-95(Ra) • Height regulation: 2.295-1.105 mm • Increasing of the temp. at the patient head: 1.000 mm • CRI controll: 85-95(Ra) • Height regulation: 2.295-1.105 mm • Increasing of the temp. at the patient head: <1ºC Power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz