File Cabinet

Mild Steel

Model: SFC-384 / SFC-383 / SFC-382

4D/3D/2Drawer File Cabinet: Made of, 0.7mm thick high quality cold rolled

  • Chemically de-rusted and zinc phosphate coated with oven backed paint finish
  • High quality smooth running MS channel, PVC Handle, and central locking system
  • All complete by Slitting Machine
  • Size: L470-480 x W620-630 x H1700/1050-1400mm
  • Top bit of the file cabinet 30-35(w) mm
  • Drawer handle PVC 130-135x 75-80 mm
  • lower bit of cabinet 85-95(w)mm
  • Drawer front 420-425x 300-310 mm
  • Add1(One) dower Value—
  • 2 (Two) dower Value BDT.6500.00
  • 3 (Three) dower Value BDT.8,500.00
  • 4 (Four) dower Value BDT. 11,500.00