Anesthesia Machine with Ventilator & Monitor

Make:  HEYER Medical AG


Country of Origin: Germany


A. Structural

a) Shelves: One number for monitor at 140-200 cm height & approximately 20 kg weight bearing capacity

b) Trolley: Fitted with 4 nos. (min. 100mm) anti-static rubber castors two of which are lockable for braking & easy maneuverability with hand / foot operated brake provisions c) Frame: Frame made of non-rusting & non brakeable plastic/ steel

d) Drawer unit: 2 Nos. drawers placed near the bottom

e) Working surface: One working top of non-glare/ non-breakable plastic/ steel One surface at the top for monitor accommodation

f) Spanner: To deal with the cylinder gland nut & tank valve spindle B. Gas source a) Yokes: Two 02 (Oxygen), two N2O (Nitrous-oxide) and one air pin-indexed colour coded yokes for pin-indexed 24 eft cylinders. Each yoke should have its own colour coded pressure gauge b) Pipe line: Provision for central medical piped gases (one for O2 and one for N2O) should be available with separate non-interchangeable inlet (threaded), coupled with separate colour coded pressure gauge c) Pressure regulators: Each yoke should be fitted with its own pressure regulator (at the bottom of the work shelf), Outlet pressure, 45-60 psig d) Pneumatic switch: Pneumatic switch conveniently placed so as to make the gas flow optional during use and cut off during off hours. This cuts off the high pressure from the system e) Meter: Two tubes of three gas flow meter each for O2, Air and N2O, ( i.e total 6 tubes) min.200mm Flow control knobs colour coded and each physically different from the other, anti-hypoxic guard incorporated to provide at least 25% oxygen at any time, O2 on the right, each section colour coded with and auxiliary O2 Flow meter upto 15L/min. Flow rate: O2- 1.5-10L/ N2O -1.5-10L/min Air – 1.5-10 L/min f) Halothane and Isoflurane Vaporizer: Temperature and flow compensated, Flow compensation over 100 ml to 10 L per min. Vapour deliver 0.00 to 5% v/v. Tray/Screw filling, "0" position dial lock. Back bar mounting 'screw or selectatec. Temp range: 15-350C Pressure range: 1000-1400 mbar g) Back bar: Screw or selectatec mounting type Fitted with pressure relief valve (at 70 cm H2O), Vaporizer, flow meter & pop-off valve interconnected with male/female interlock variety h) O2 flush 02 bypass placed on easy access area on front of the machine, push-on switch. Should provide at least 40L/min 02, when used i) Anti hypoxic guard Built-in to cut off N2O in the event of O2 supply failure or low pressure. In case of only N20 flow actuation, at least 25% O2 automatic flow C. Warning device Audible Oxygen failure warning device D. Ventilation Features • Microprocessor controlled, Active proportional Exhalation alve, Rapid leak and compliance testing, /knob • Unit simple in operation and easy to maintain • Suitable for both Adult, Pediatric and neonates • Control of Tidal Volume, Respiration Rate & I: E Ratio • Power source: electronically controlled electrical / Gas Driven • Audible & visible alarms incase of faults • Internal Battery (Re-chargeable) for minimum 2 hour operation in case of mains failure Specifications • Ventilator modes: I PPV, PCV, PS, SIMV, & Manual • Tidal Volume: 20-1500 ml • Pressure Limit: 5-70cm H2O • Peep: 3-30cm H2O • I:E ratio: 1:1 to 1.8 • Ventilation frequency: 2-100ml • Maximum Pressur control: 85 ± 2 cmH2O • Battery backup: Minimum 1 hours Displays minimum 10 inch color monitor Monitoring Parameter: Ventilation Frequency & modes Tidal volume I:E ratio I:E ratio inverse Adjustable respiratory parameters High Pressure (PVC) Peep Maximum pressure control Compliance test Leak test Oxygen monitor Pressure monitor Flow monitor Waves Loops Accessories 1. Bain circuit - Disposable- Adult 5 Nos., Paed 3 nos. 2. Ayre's T-piece- Re-useable-Adult 2 Nos. & paed 2 nos. All circuits complete with face mask connectors, catheter mount, expiratory valve corrugated hose and re-breathing bags re-useable Power: 220 ± 10% VAC, 50 Hz Complete accessories should be mentioned for proper functioning of the equipment