Make:  Medical Iberica SA (Medisa);


Country of Origin: Spain


Features:-Electrically operatable ICU bed with remote control/touch switch &following:  The ICU Bed Electrically operatable and adjustable for heights, trendelenberg etc.  It be have radio-translucent top for carrying out X-Ray at bed side.  Have four sections with X-Ray translucent back section made.  Have X-Ray cassette holder underneath the back sections with insertion of X-Ray cassette from both side of the bed.  Base/support frame should be made up of stainless steel for prevention of rusting.  Have stepless electrical adjustment of height, back section and leg section etc.  Have a manual quick release mechanism for back section adjustment  Have four sections with X-Ray translucent back section made.  Have stepless pneumatic adjustment for trendelenberg/anti-trendelenberg (-16° + 16°).  Equipped with large castors with central braking& steering facility.  Mattress will be made of high density foam with anti microbial agent incorporated into all components in prohibiting growth of bacteria/fungi & easy to clean.  Have bumpers at all four corners and place for fixing accessories.  Power supply:- 220 V, ±10% 10%, 50 Hz. Accessories:- Should have IV rods-2 nos, articulated half length tuck away side rails-4, Mattress:- 12 cm thick-1 no, nos & other standard accessories for smooth functioning of the unit