ICU Bed (Electric)

ICU Bed (Electric)

Make:  Medical Iberica SA (Medisa);


Country of Origin: Spain



 Epoxy coated steel tube frame. Head and footboard easy to assemble without tools.  Scissor-lift raising system for greater stability and working load up to 230 kg.  4 independent and detachable ABS lying sections. Useful surface 100%.  Bed extension (+- 20 cm). Sliding linen holder and nurse control box storing location.  Radiolucent lying platform with optional backrest cassette holder  Double automatic anti-decubitus regression system to allow a trunk plane regression (11 cm) and leg regression (7cm). The double auto-regression system leaves a clear space for legs and gluteus up to 18 cm. By doing so, the double auto-regression system allows a protection against bedsore.  Sections adjustment accomplished by low tension electric motors, in compliance with standard rule EN 60601-1.  Independent foot angle from knee angle by mechanical activation, providing greater ergonomy.  Cardiac chair position to provide a more comfortable patient stay.  Electric height adjustment  Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg by electrical activation.  Centralized braking system and steering facility- Castors Ø150 mm.  5th wheel to allow an easy movement and turn of the bed through narrow corridors and doors .  Nurse control panel and patient handset with drawing and pictograms for an easy use.  Nurse control panel with pre-set functions (Trendelemburg, CPR, cardiac chair and examination position) and lock-out security facility.  Thermoplastic undercarriage cover to protect the bed mechanisms and to allow an easy cleaning.  4 independent ABS side rails in accordance with standard rule EN 60601-2-52.  Quick emergency release backrest dropping system in the event of electrical or battery back-up failure.  Anti-trapping system with automatic motor switch off in the event of detecting any obstacle.  Height adjustment actuator fall-preventer in case of failure.  Complete with supports for accessories (IV drip rod, lifting pole,etc.)  Mattress retainers on both sides to allow a correct lying surface positioning. Technical Specification:  External dimensions : 2150 x 960 mm approx.  Patient surface : 2080 x 870 mm approx  Height adjustment : 430 ±5mm to765 mm ±5mm  Backrest tilting :> 70º  Legrest tilting : > 45 º  Backrest auto regression plane : 110 mm approx.  Legrest auto regression plane : 70 mm approx  Trendelemburg/reverse tredelenburg : ± 16º min.  Maximum working load : 230 kg. Approx  Weight without accessories : 150 kg. approx.  Power supply : 230V 50Hz  Maximum current intake : 1.6A, 3 7 0Volt .  Liquid ingress protection indicator : IP 66  Class protection : Clase l  Electric shock protection : Type B Warranty: 02 (two) Years