Multi-Purpose Obstetric Table


• Approx. Dimensions: 72”L x 27”W x 24”-32”H.
• Overall Size: 1879 mm x 711 mm / 74mm x 28mm (L x W) (Bed when fully extended)
• Mattress Platform: 1828 mm x 660 mm / 72mm x 26mm (L x W)
• Minimum Height: 660 mm 26
• Maximum Height: 914 mm. 36
• Three section top made of laminated board
• Trendlenburg/Reverse trendelenburg adjustments through crank mechanism
• Height Adjustment through high quality hydraulic pump
• Leg section can be telescoped under backrest for lithotomic positions
• Swing away type Stainless steel safety side rail on three side can be easy lowered to aid in both routine and emergency nursing tasks
• Stainless Steel bearing down supports with hand grip
• A pair of upholstered lithotomic crutches mounted on stainless steel rods
• 125 MM Diagonal locking castors
• Stainless Steel telescopic I.V. pole
• Stainless Steel Tray
• Three Section mattress
• All mild steel parts are pre-treated and powder coated finish