Model: TCH-68

Price BDT. 12,000.00

Made of MS angle & Pipe

Top is MS sheet 2mm & attach laminated board

100mm heavy duty castor

Size: L30”xW18”xHeight10”(Approx)

Load Capacity 250-300 kg.


Model: PT-333

Made of SS Pipe 32mm. 1.2 thickness

With folding mechanical with Hardgrave, Height 6”xW22”xL78”(Approx)

Canvass Cloth with bell

Price BDT. 3500.00

Over Bed Table

  • Made of SS Pipe 38mm Square Pipe& 32mmSquare Pipe fitness 1.2mm Thickness.
  • 75mm Wheel (Two Break)
  • Size: L24”X W20”X Height 30”-48” Adjustable (Approx)
  • Top Laminated water prove board. 18mm
  • Size:14”X25”, (Approx)

Price BDT.4500.00

Patient Carrying Trolley Steel with Folding Rail

Model.: PCT-027

  • Combined wheel carriage and detachable carrying stretcher, stretcher frame made of stainless steel and top made of stainless steel / anodized aluminum alloy, mounted on 100mm 4 fixed foot, wheel carriage made of tubular steel, epoxy / silk mat paint finish, fitted with stainless steel collapsible (full length) side rails with self locking mechanism, mounted on 20 cm anti-static swiveling rubber types, brakes on two types
  • 50mm polyurethane mattress covered with washable synthetic leather
  • Size: L- 2000 X W 565 X H 800 mm (approx)
  • Add all S.S Constriction Value—–.
  • Full SS BDT. 22000.00
  • Ms & SS BDT. 15000.00

SS Stand for Tray

Model.: MT-1010

  • Tubular frame mounted on four castors, made of mild steel complete with detachable stainless steel tray on top
  • All mild steel components pretreated, zinc phosphate coated electro-static epoxy powder oven backed paint finished
  • Size: L 455 X W 755 X H 905mm (approx)
  • Add all S.S Constriction Value—
  • Price BDT. 4500.00

Kick Bucket

Model.: KB-1115

  • Made of SS Sheet
  • 10” dia Bucket
  • 2” Wheel

Waste Bin

Model: WB-1162

  • Made of SS Sheet
  • 10/15/20 liter
  • Or
  • Made of PVC

Flower Bed (Semi ICU Bed)

Flower Bed (Semi ICU Bed)

  • Made of mild Steel 75mm x 38mm Squire Pipe frame.
  • Top, Leg & Head bow water proof high great PVC board.
  • 2(Two) crank facility Mechanical
  • 100-150mm wheel with 2(Two) break.
  • All Mild Steel zinc phosphate coated electro- static epoxy powder oven baked paint finish.
  • SS IV pull & Aluminum railing.
  • With mattress 3” foam (local)
  • Size: L 2190 x W 895 x H 990mm (approx)
  • Price BDT. 32,000.00

Metallic Gas Cylinder Trolley

Model.: OCT-34

  • Made of mild steel frame work, epoxy powder coated or zinc phosphate oven baked enamel finished
  • Dimensions W 398 ÎD215Î975 mm with 125 mm rigid castors with hard rubber tires
  • Complete with chain protective devices


Made of SS Pipe & Sheet.

Size: Big——


Add all S.S Constriction Value—-.

Price BDT 2,200.00

Saline Stand

Model.: SSS-27

  • Made of PVC five legs and castors with fixed.
  • Made of 25mm dia. round Pipe & 12mm inner Pipe (adjustable) 2(Two Hook capacity.
  • Size: L 560 X H 1850 mm (approx)
  • SS price BDT.18,00.00

Iron Cot (Adult) with Mosquito Stand

Iron Cot (Adult) with Mosquito Stand

Model.: BH-121

  • Fixed structure made of mild steel round tube & angular sections complete with mild steel sheet bed zinc phosphate coated electro-static epoxy powder oven baked paint finish
  • Head bow height 895mm (approx) and foot bow height 710mm (approx) made of 25mm diaX1.4mm thick tubular steel, each with three (3) vertical pipe (12.7 mm dia.) and horizontal joint tube (22mm dia.) weleded to the head and foot bows and bed frame
  • Leg bottoms fitted with heavy –duty rubber/PVC stoppers
  • Size: W 2190 x D 895 x H 895mm approx
  • Price BDT.12,500.00