Iron Cot with Mosquito Stand

Iron Cot with Mosquito Stand

Model: BH-121

  • Fixed structure made of mild steel round tube & angular sections complete with mild steel sheet bed zinc phosphate coated electro-static epoxy powder oven baked paint finish
  • Head bow height 895mm (approx) and foot bow height 710mm (approx) made of 32mm diaX1.2mm thick tubular steel, each with three (3) vertical bracings (12.7 mm dia) and horizontal joint tube (22mm dia) welded to the head and foot bows and bed frame
  • Leg bottoms fitted with heavy –duty rubber/PVC stoppers
  • Size: W 2190-2225 x D 890-910 x H 890-910mm
  • Add SS Head & Lage bow Constriction Value—.
  • Price BDT.12,000.00

Baby Bed/Cot

Baby Bed/Cot

Model: BB-672

Fixed height baby iron cot with collapsible railing suitable for hospital use.

  • Fully welded construction
  • Fixed feet with rubber caps
  • Frame made of mild steel angle
  • Head & Leg bow made of mild steel 25mm &12mm Pipe Fitness 1.2mm or GI or tube and rod.
  • Top made of mild steel sheet or garjan ply wood.
  • Railing made of stainless steel tubes.
  • All mild steel surface with chemically derusted, zinc phosphate coated and enamel paint finish.
  • Size (LxWxH): 1200-1250 x 900-925 x 750-825 mm
  • Optional: Polyfoam Mattress 75mm and Mattress Cover
  • Add SS Head & Large bow Constriction Value
  • Price  BDT.18,000.00

Orthopedic Bed


Model.: OB-SS-10

Frame made of steel channels, 16 swg thickness detachable head & foot boards. Four section perforated Top made of M.S sheet – 18 swg. Head & knee-leg section adjustable by mechanical cranks. Pretreated & epoxy powder coated. Moveable on swivel castors, 2 of which are lockable. Back section with both sides lateral system rails for attaching of standard accessories. Upholstery by minimum 10cm high density rubber foam with water proof synthetic cover with zip opening


  • Aluminum/Stainless steel collapsible rails on both sides
  • Steel frame: Epoxy powered coating with 8 tank pre-treatment process under controlled condition
  • Diameter of castors minimum 125mm with rubber bumpers at four corners
  • Integral telescopic I.V pole & urine bag hook.
  • Dimension 2110mm x 910 x 600mm (approx)
  • Back rest: upto 80 degree (approx)
  • Knee rest: upto 40 degree (approx)
  • Foldable crank handle for safety and aesthetics

Standard accessories including following:

  • SS I.V Pole with four hooks-2 Nos.
  • Orthopedic traction system – 01 sets
  • Operation manual and service manual will be supplied during the delivery time of the bed.


Warranty Period:

Warranty period will be minimum 2(two) years or as offered by the manufacturer which comes later. Warranty period will be counted from the date of handing over of machine to the user in functioning condition i.e date of commission.

Metallic Film Hanger (for X-ray Film)

Model.: XFH-011

Metal hangers as per design

Price BDT.1500.00

Steel Almirah (Locked Multi pocket for Doctor)

Price BDT.12,000.00

Model.: KMS-003

  • Personal Locker Size: L1012 x D 410 x H 1924 mm. Made of high quality cold rolled Mild Steel
  • All surface of Mild Steel (MS) chemically de-rusted and zinc phosphate coated with oven backed paint finish
  •  Drawers are sates on high quality

Steel Almirah

Model.: SA-MS-020

  • Size: L 915 x W480 x H1925mm (approx)
  • Steel Almirah made of, 0.8 & 0.7mm thick cold rolled Mild Steel
  • Chemically de-rusted, zinc phosphate coated and oven-backed paint finish
  • High quality S type handle. One fixed shelf with 2 nos. & 3/4nos. adjustable shelves Size: 900x430x25 mm
  • Almirah stand on 2 legs
  • Lock Size: 100 x70mm
  • Door size: W 415x H1740 mm(each)
  • Leg size: L 430xW 75x H 100 mm
  • Lower body border of the Almirah 50mm, top, left & right side 25mm
  • Back size: 0.7 x912x1864 mm
  • Door stiffener 0.8x156x1685mm
  • Shelf Full “C” Channel: 51 x 425mm
  • Shelf support Slot Rack: 0.8x220x1720 mm
  • Shelf support clamp: 1.6x30x57 mm
  • Leg Clamp: 2x50x73 mm & 1.6x105x176 mm
  • Hinge: 2x38x110 mm & 2x35x80 mm
  • Door L-Clamp (Upper): 1.6x25x62 mm
  • Door L-Clamp (Lower): 1.6x25x57 mm
  • Color: Dark Gray / Silver
  • Price BDT.14,000.00

File Cabinet

Mild Steel

Model: SFC-384 / SFC-383 / SFC-382

4D/3D/2Drawer File Cabinet: Made of, 0.7mm thick high quality cold rolled

  • Chemically de-rusted and zinc phosphate coated with oven backed paint finish
  • High quality smooth running MS channel, PVC Handle, and central locking system
  • All complete by Slitting Machine
  • Size: L470-480 x W620-630 x H1700/1050-1400mm
  • Top bit of the file cabinet 30-35(w) mm
  • Drawer handle PVC 130-135x 75-80 mm
  • lower bit of cabinet 85-95(w)mm
  • Drawer front 420-425x 300-310 mm
  • Add1(One) dower Value—
  • 2 (Two) dower Value BDT.6500.00
  • 3 (Three) dower Value BDT.8,500.00
  • 4 (Four) dower Value BDT. 11,500.00

Mattress of Iron Cot

Model: CO-BAB-70

  • Mattress: 75mm thick Poly Foam with waterproof, anti-bacterial, washable, anti-static, Gray rexine cover and closed with zipper at one end.
  • The mattress have 6 nos. eyelet for ventilation.
  • Overall Mattress size: L 2012X W 825X H 75mm
  • Dimensions of the Bed: L 2100 X W 900 X H 930 mm(Approx).
  • Price BDT4500.00


Model.: SS-2016

  • Brushed Type 304 Stainless Steel Stool.
  • Seat is 304 Stainless
  • Legs and Foot Rest are Chrome Plated Steel
  • Seat swivels 360 degrees and moves from 25.5″ H to 29.75″ H by a pneumatic post
  • Seat Diameter is 14″
  • Base of Stool has 19″ Diameter
  • Heavy Duty 1-1/2″ Diameter Chrome – Plated Steel Legs with Leveling Feet & Stopper
  • 27-1/4″ Height
  • Minor assembly required
  • Price BDT3200.00


  • Made of mild Steel 75mm x 38mm Squire Pipe frame. Leg Pipe 38mm.
  • Top frame 38mm angle.
  • Top is water proof 18mm lamented board PVC reign or MS sheet 1.2mm thickness.
  • Leg & Head go bow 32mm Stainless Steel round Pipe & lamented board
  • 2(Two) crank facility Mechanical
  • 100mm wheel with 2(Two) break.
  • All Mild Steel zinc phosphate coated electro- static epoxy powder oven baked paint finish.
  • Size: L 2190 x W 895 x H 990mm (approx)
  • Add PVC Top. Leg& Head bow PVC Value—-

Price BDT. 22,000.00